Sunday, 28 April 2013

Day 66: Shoppin' in the Big City

I went shopping for interview clothes today. For someone who works at City Hall, I have a surprising lack of dress clothes. Maybe because I could wear jeans and t-shirts to work everyday and no one would notice...

I haven't bought clothes for myself since summer time, except some pants when I need them. Mostly because I gained a lot of weight before being diagnosed (because my body stopped processing nutrients, and I had zero energy, but was always hungry), and I'm having a hard time shedding it now, because gluten-free things are higher in calories (more fat in flours like coconut and rice), and I'm listening to my body and eating when hungry rather than counting calories and forcing myself to eat a regulated amount.

So the point is, I promised myself I wouldn't buy clothes until I could fit the clothes I want to buy. I'm only a pant size or two away from a comfortable size now, so it's not totally far-off.

But.. my temp job that I've had for almost a year ends in two weeks, and I need to begin the job hunt. Part of that, is interviews. Which means I need a few well-fitting, classy, friendly, not-slutty dress shirts, and some well-fitting dress pants. I'm hoping I don't need to do too many interviews, but I do need to be prepared.

I took Banana with me, because I kind of hate shopping with a purpose for myself. I can shop and buy fun clothes, but hunting for a situation-specific shirt? Yuck. So basically, we'd walk into a store, I'd follow her around for a bit, and then just wander off and look at pretty things, and then come back and try on everything she grabbed. I might be the most spacey friend she has. She didn't mind though. It's much more fun to shop for someone else because you can forget about the insecurities you have about your own body. And you can make them try on ridiculous things. It's a barrel of laughs.

Ooh! I also went to Bath & Body Works, because they just opened one in the mall in the bigger city. Previously, the closest one was eight hours away, and mostly I just bought stuff there on our trips to the states to visit my in-law family.

Denny's Gluten Free Menu
I ate breakfast at Denny's - Pepper Bacon Avocado Omelette, with hashbrowns and no toast. They actually brought it out to me without avocado, so when I realized, they brought me a plate with some avocado on it. Mmm. I love avocado. They had a gluten-aware menu, but what I ordered wasn't on it, because it was a new feature dish, and the gluten friendly menu was old, but I checked all the bits and pieces.

And we had lunch at Wok Box, because they are amazing. Well, maybe not totally. They threw a fortune cookie in my bag with my takeout box. Which I know isn't a big deal, but it makes me wonder if the guy who made my food knew it was a gluten allergy, or if he just didn't think about it, because it's a habit.

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