Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 42: Cornflake Chicken

I guess our stomachs took a trip to see my sister-in-law down in Georgia tonight. We had mashed sweet potatoes and cornflake chicken. I said all we were missing was lemonade and watermelon. Not that I'd actually know. I've never been to any of the "Southern States". As in, I've been to Arizona and California, but not Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, etc... But I wanted breaded chicken, so I made gluten-free cornflake chicken instead.

I took a few drumsticks, dipped them in some spices, slathered them in mayonnaise, and then rolled them in crushed cornflakes and then baked them. I really liked how they came out, but hubby's not a fan of any part of a chicken that isn't boneless skinless chicken breasts, so... He also said they'd be better deep-fried, but I am not going down that route.

I mixed some garlic powder, onion powder, cracked pepper and sea salt in the first bowl. You could use any spices you felt like, and you might be able to get away with omitting them. I just dabbed the chicken in the spices, or sprinkles them on top of it.

I squeezed a bunch of mayonnaise into the second. I actually had to add more after that picture above. I use squeeze mayonnaise because there's no chance of somebody sticking their knife in the jar with breadcrumbs all over it.

And the last bowl is gluten-free Nature's Path corn flakes. I put them through my blender, because they're bigger and thicker than normal Cornflakes, so I couldn't crush them in a baggie. Liberally roll your chicken in this bowl, and get as much to stick as possible.

And then they go onto a wire rack over a roasting pan and bake! I cooked them at 350F for 30 minutes, and then bumped it up to 400F for another 10.

This was honestly my fix for all my KFC cravings. Not as finger-licking good as the real thing, but certainly yummy.

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