Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 52: Malaysian Curry

I had curry again today! This is the third time ever, in my life. When I was fourteen or fifteen, a friend of mine made Indian curry and had a bunch of us over. It was really good, but she made it not so spicy and we had those yogurt drinks with it. And then three weeks ago, Banana and I made Thai curry, and I ate it while babysitting. And then today, I helped her make Malaysian curry. It actually has a different name, as I'm sure they all do, because each country makes more than one curry, but I don't know them.

It was really good! Insanely spicy, though. As in, I was actually sweating and my face was all red, and Banana found it tasty, and a little hot. I'm such a white girl.

I probably couldn't buy a curry mix from the grocery store and make it, because mixes like that usually have other stuff added in, but these were mixes Banana brought back from Thailand with her. The ingredients were all just dried and ground spices and peppers. Pure food, no crap. I love Asia.

It had potatoes in it, and I ate it over rice. Very filling, very delicous, very spicy.

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