Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Day 62: Lemon Butter Shrimp

Well, today I ate leftovers. So I can say that yesterday's casserole heats up just fine, and still tastes great. I was saving this for a lazy day, so here's the shrimp I made a few days ago, before the other shrimp I made. If that makes sense.

I love shrimp. I really do. I have a hard time eating it with other things, because I just want to eat shrimp, not shrimp with pasta or anything. I did serve this with pasta, but of course I made gluten-free pasta, and this spaghetti turned out gross. Hard, like it wasn't cooked enough, but also gloopy and sticky at the same time, despite the fact that it had olive oil poured over it. Whatever.

Anyways, the shrimp dish was super easy to make, and I'd definitely make it as an appetizer if I ever had those kind of parties. It was better on it's own than with the pasta. Oh, and I bought the kind with tails on, and that's kind of hard to just eat with spaghetti. Tails on is better for an appy.

1 lemon
Stick of butter (1/2 cup)
Pound of cooked, peeleed shrimp
Italian seasoning

Thinly slice the lemon and place in the bottom of the pan. I used an 8x8 pan, and needed 9 slices of lemon. If you use a bigger pan, just slice them thinner.

Spread the shrimp on top. Sprinkle italian seasoning on. I wish I had a measurement for you, but I just sprinkled until all of the shrimp had some on it. You don't want it overpowering, but don't underdo it either. Slice butter and set little squares on top, so that it melts down and makes the shrimp all buttery.

Pop in oven at 350F for 15-30 minutes, until it's done. The shrimp is cooked, so you're just looking for the butter to melt and everything to infuse. That took 25 minutes for me, maybe because my shrimp was frozen.

Now, of course I didn't take a picture after it was done, because when an amazing-smelling dish comes out of the oven, my first thought is not to pull out a camera. It's to pull out a fork.

But the butter melted, the shrimp cooked, and the lemon infused. It was amazing. Super easy to throw together, and then you just pop it in the oven and forget about until you serve. My kind of dinner.

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