Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 39: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Alright, so I actually made these cookies yesterday. But between picking up a stray dog and hunting down her owners, and going to the gym, and then a brief trip to deal with dumb doctors who don't know anything (not me, actually. I'm not the broken one for once), I didn't have much time to do anything else.

But I did make these cookies yesterday. I didn't really say anything about them, because I decided they weren't worth talking about. It's so funny. I pin something normal on Pinterest, like banana muffins, chocolate chip cookies, pound cake, or spaghetti squash, and no one repins it. And then I pin some flourless, milk-free, paleo, chickpea-filled weird stuff, and it gets a buttload of repins. I guess the people repinning from me never actually make the stuff they pin.

Now, I'm not saying everything weird, new or healthy is not worth making, but sometimes it is.

I made these cookies last night. They're a version of the flourless peanut butter cookies that have been around forever, with chocolate. Makes everything better right?

Well you know what? If you haven't already picked up on this, I wasn't too impressed with them. The blog I found just raved about how perfect, how chewy, how crunchy, how crumbly, how delectable these cookies were, but I found them to be hard, and chewy. Not in the chewy oatmeal cookie perfection way, though, like you have to chew way more to swallow, like it gets stuck in your teeth and you have to pry it out, like you have to take small bites because the edges are really hard.

The blog did say that she used a heaping cup of peanut butter, and depending on your climate, etc, you might need more. I'm thinking I just needed less, because once the dough was all mixed up, my bowl was oily. I could pick up the dough in one big ball, and oil would drip off of it. Kind of gross, if you ask me. So maybe just too much peanut butter. But I baked them anyways, hoping for the best. I honestly don't know if they would come out better with less peanut butter, though. The finished product wasn't oily at all, or dry at all. They were the right amount of dry:not dry, they are just hard and chew-chew-chewy. And super strong on the chocolate taste, which I'm oddly not a fan of.

Okay, so I could give you the recipe for this, or I could at least link you to the blog, but since I sound so negative, I don't really want to. If I ever bother to make them again and they come out better, I will.

The whole point of all of this, is don't believe everything you see on Pinterest. Be aware that the more odd, or innovative a recipe is, the odder it's going to come out. Cookies without flour, bread without milk or eggs, brownies with chickpeas... The finished product will be effected by what you put in it! I'm not saying don't try it, but I am saying your favourite classic chocolate chip recipe that you have loved for years, will probably stay your favourite. Classics are classic, and new things are odd.

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