Thursday, 8 January 2015

On New Year's Resulotions

Okay, so we're more than a week into the New Year, and I kind of missed the deadline for making my new year's resolutions. Well, good thing I don't make new year's resolutions.

Last year, I wrote a lovely post that briefly rehashed the previous year, and made the following statement for the coming year:

I can't really tell you what's in store for the next twelve months, in fact I don't really have anything planned at all. I am looking forward to blogging, baking, cooking, and having awesome adventures with the love of my life. I hope the next year is filled with blessings, happiness, fun and good friends for all of us. 
So, let's rehash last year again, even though you were here for all of it.

It's a good thing that I told you I didn't have any plans or know what was in store, because I absolutely could not have predicted the way that 2014 went, even if I tried.

Nobody expected my husband to get laid off in March, and end up unemployed for a little while, and really that act itself spun out most of the rest of the year. Because he had suddenly lost what he thought was a really secure job, we began considering moving, something we had previously agreed not to do. 

Also, no one expected awkward little me to start dancing, and getting really into it. It's become my first ever real hobby. Something I spend my spare time doing, something I want to travel to do more, something I think about almost every day.

And, of course, no one at all expected my sister to get married in June! That took a lot of people by surprise, but it made me very happy.

I bought my first (picked by me) car in January. I got my third tattoo in February (to celebrate my one year anniversary with Celiac). My husband and I started taking ballroom lessons in February. I was a bridesmaid for the first time in May and Maid of Honour for the first time in June. I went to a John Legend concert on my birthday in June. I left my part-time job somewhere in between the weddings. I starting job-hunting in Saskatoon in July, and left my full-time job in August. I officially moved to Saskatoon with my husband in September, about a week before our third anniversary.

As I had hoped, my last year was filled with happiness, fun and good friends. I've had plenty of adventures and new experiences. I've learned a lot - a year ago, I had no clue how to ballroom dance, and I had no idea what any agriculture or construction equipment was. I've also grown a lot. I feel like I've grown into myself, in a way.

It hasn't been smooth sailing the whole way, however... My husband bounced around jobs more than he ever has before, and that was hard. Moving away from the only town I've ever lived in was more difficult than I expected. I lost some close friends, which my heart still grieves. My husband also spend several months working long periods of time away from home.

But those negative moments have all been overshadowed the happy, fun moments. I've made so many friends since moving to Saskatoon, and I've had so many adventures. I've tried new things, I've taken chances, and I've put an emphasis on being content in life.

As for 2015, I guess I'll say pretty much the same about 2014... I don't have any plans, I just want to be happy, whatever happens. I want to make the most of every situation. In a less vague way, I want to travel, I want to try something new, I want to make memories with my husband, and I want to grow as a person.

So happy new year... and may this year be your best one yet.