Sunday, 21 April 2013

Day 59: Cheesey shrimp and pasta

I made another yummy shrimp/pasta dish. I only made it for me, because hubby didn't want shrimp twice in three days, and he has stuff in the house still that I can't eat, so it's easy enough for him to just feed himself.

I made pasta shells, which always turn out better than the same brand's spaghetti, and near the end threw some frozen peas in. I cooked some shrimp with chili flakes and garlic powder, and then tossed it all together with a bit of olive oil and some parmesan.

PS, if I ever say the word parmesan, it means hubby didn't have any. Haha.

Pretty yummy, although nothing to write home about, but it was really easy and quick to throw together. Before I figured out the main, I was going to roast some asparagus. I loved it so much last time, and I bought some today. But when I settled on shrimp, and hubby backed out, and I found a good recipe that had peas in it, I just didn't bother. Save it for another day. Maybe a day when I eat something to take a picture of. Something about asparagus. It's so pretty, it's just begging to have pictures taken of it.

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