Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day 45: Hair Dye Party

Hair dying party today!

We also cleaned our house, and I went to the gym, but mostly we dyed three heads in my kitchen.

Solid brick of henna

The henna dye is a solid brick. You put in a double boiler and then pour boiling water over it, and stir until it's the consistency of yogurt. I'm a pro with yogurt, so I dyed both heads while they took pictures. After it's the right consistency, you cool it down until you can touch it, and then basically just smear it through their hair. There's a bit more of a system; you start with the roots, and work back to front. But really I just smeared. And then you wrap it in plastic wrap to hold it all in and make it work more or something. Or maybe just to make fun of your friends.

Henna, ready to be applied
We started with Banana, who was supposed to come out red. All mixed up, the henna was a greeney-brown. All smeared on, it was a greeney-brown. After sitting in the plastic wrap, it started oozing green. Like, really gross intense green. And it continued to leak and ooze until she finished and washed it out. It was really worrisome, but we hoped for the best. After all was said and done, and she washed it out, the water ran out a rusty brown, and her hair had a red tinge to it. Certainly not fiery red like it promised, but red. Once it was all washed and dried, it looked... exactly the same! Greasy and oily, but the exact same colour. The henna was supposed to moisturize and condition, but it looked really oily. Gross.

The first application, done
While Banana's was sitting under plastic wrap, we did the other one. This one was supposed to be chesnut brown, with hints of red. All cooked up, the henna looked mud brown, and it went on the same way. Very brown, very dark, and very muddy. It washed out the same as Banana's, with lots of little chunks of dried henna, and very muddy water. Her hair is too thick to blowdry, so I won't know if it worked at all until tomorrow. I really hope at least one of them wakes up with slightly different hair. It says it will develop over the next few days...

Round two, all done!
And then we did mine. I picked a dark red, almost purple hair dye, figuring it would be pretty red on my blonde hair, but if I bought a red, it would come out RED. I got worried while they were applying it, because they kept exclaiming how PINK it was, or commenting or more or less pink spots. I don't want pink hair. Once it was all applied, it looked like a very dark red. Rinsing it out was scary though, because the water stayed blood red for a really long time. It FINALLY ran clear though! And then I blow dried it, and it looks fantastic! I love it. I think I actually had my hair this same colour a few years ago. It's weird how dark it is because I've been blonde for so long, but I like the red. It's not too red. Hmm?

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