Friday, 26 April 2013

Day 64: Grad Banquet

Banana graduates from college this weekend! Congratulations, Banana!

The graduation ceremony is tomorrow, but the banquet was tonight. Each grad gets two extra tickets, so their parents can come. Since Banana's parents live in Thailand, her siter flew in from BC, and I got the other one.

I agreed to go months ago, long before I knew anything was wrong with me. As the date loomed, I got a little nervous. I haven't done a banquet yet, or anything where I serve myself from a table of food options. I meant to eat before I left, but I didn't really. So I shoved a box of crackers in my giant purse. Because that's a normal thing to have in your purse.

During the mingling portion of the banquet, I said hi to a few people I knew, and I tried to meander past the serving tables to get a look at what my options were, but it was hard to do, and most of the dishes were covered. Ah well, it was too late to do anything about my options.

Then the MC announced how the tables would be going, and added that everything on the tables except the pasta salad and one salad dressing was gluten free. I was impressed. But which dressing? I had to hunt down a staff member and ask. It was the ranch. Also, the buns at the front of the table were also not gluten free. Obviously.

So I had a great meal with some chicken, mashed potatoes, a couple types of salad, and gravy! They had gluten free gravy. As in, they didn't have gluten-ey gravy!

I was really impressed, and my tummy was happy.

I love trendy college kids who insist on eating gluten free... but only en masse. On an individual basis, I tend to hate them.

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