Saturday, 12 October 2013

(Un)Cheesey Eggs

For my second adventure with non-dairy cheese, I made eggs. Oh so exciting, right?

I often eat eggs for breakfast, and the quickest, simplest, and yummiest way that I've found is to crack two eggs into my little egg pan, and then stab each of the yolks with a fork. After it's mostly cooked, I flip it and cook the other side.

It makes one round piece of fried egg, without dirtying a whisk or having any runny yolk. I usually crack some sea salt and pepper over the top too, but today I tossed on some shredded cheese, and let it melt while the second side cooked.

I didn't have high hopes for shredding something that felt like play-dough, but it shredded really well. I was really impressed.

 I sprinkled the cheese on, and the edges starting melting right away.

I still had a little pile of cheese left over, so that's sitting on the side. The eggs were delicious and cheesey, and the cheese on the side was good.

I don't know if it's just me and I'm used to eating weird food, but I swear this cheese tastes normal! Again, it's not about to fool anyone, but it's not unappetizing. I'm really enjoying it.

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