Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pizza Hut

I drove by Pizza Hut yesterday, and for the umpteenth time, I noticed their sign proclaiming they now have a GF crust. I've considered and discarded the idea over and over, and yesterday, I thought, I'm feeling brave and lazy, let's go to Pizza Hut. M was all for it, so that's what we did for dinner.

When our waitress brought our water, I asked, "So, tell me about this gluten free crust."

And she did. She said it can not be 100% gluten free, because they have an open kitchen and an open oven. She said the only toppings I could have are ham, pepperoni, and all the vegetables. She also said they will wipe down the counters, change gloves, wash the knife, etc. Awesome. So I ordered ham and pineapple. M had the buffet, which is just great for him.

The pizza was a 10 inch, which makes it significantly bigger than the GF crust at Boston Pizza, and I think slightly larger than Domino's or Family Pizza. The crust was hard and crunchy at the edges. The outer inch didn't have any toppings on it, so that would contribute to the cruchiness. The rest of the crust was... unsatisfactory.

It tasted fine when I ate it normal, but if the toppings fell off and I took a bite of crust with a bit of sauce, it had that classic GF grainy texture, with a bland taste. To the point that I needed dipping sauce to eat it. There was plenty of sauce options on the buffet, but as you can imagine, that was totally unsafe.

I asked our waitress if they had any sealed packets of ranch, and she brought me one. I'll be honest. I don't know if the ranch was safe. I didn't really want to check. I just wanted to eat.

My pizza was a little bit more expensive than M's buffet price, but it was comparable, not gag-worthy.

Overall, the service was great, the waitress was very knowledgable, the atmosphere is average, and the food was unsatisfactory. If you desperately want greasy pizza, and are avoiding gluten somewhat, maybe you could go here. I wouldn't suggest it to celiacs, or anyone looking for a quality pizza. I guess if a bunch of people are going to Pizza Hut, for a birthday party or something, you don't have to decline. You might be risking your health, but at least you can keep the option open.
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