Friday, 18 October 2013

Finally! A GF Pasta in a Box!

My best friend has long since raved about her favourite boxed pasta and cheese. I'm not really sure what makes it so special, but it's probably more wholesome and less processed than Kraft Dinner. I mean, I love me some KD, but I have always avoided reading the ingredients. Ah, this is Old Me talking. Old Me loved KD. I would eat it every once a month, maybe two months, but when I did, I ate a whole box by myself.

I never bought a case, and I hardly ever had a box on hand, but suddenly, out of nowhere, a craving for some bright orange super-processed cheesey pasta would hit, and it would all I could think about eating until I ate it. M hates it, always has, always will. Partly because he doesn't like pasta, partly because processed cheese makes him sick.

So realistically, KD is something I have been able to live without. I commented once that if Kraft made a GF KD, I would totally eat it, but that's it. Anyways, all these years of Old Me binging on it, my best friend would talk about Annie's. The boxes are similar, equally easy to make, and apparently more wholesome. When I first started wandering the fancy food aisles (where I find GF stuff, and non-GF stuff confusingly next to each other), she would jump on a box of Annies, only to find it was made with whole wheat. Over and over. I wished there was a GF one, but I wasn't too upset about it.

Well, recently, we were wandering one of these aisles, and I found this!

So I was totally excited. This means I can have my KD! Well, okay. My white-cheese-covered rice pasta shells from a box. Close as I'm going to get. I haven't tried it yet, but I will tell you alllll about it when I do! I'm so glad GF is becoming so mainstream that I can find things like this.

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