Saturday, 19 October 2013

Nail Polish Strips

Let me do a review on something completely unrelated to gluten: Nail polish.

I've bought gluten-free pretty much everything else. If it soaks into my skin, scalp, or hair, it has to be gluten-free. However, nail polish is just something I'm not worried about. Mind you, a few months ago, I wasn't worried about anything other than lotion, so that might change. If you can prove I should be worried about it, I might be.

In the meantime, I will buy whatever nail polish, and happily paint my nails a million colours. I've always loved painting my nails. I find it relaxing. I tend to chip it off within the day or two, but the more complex it is, the longer it tends to last.

So when I stumbled across the idea of nail strips, I thought it was brilliant.

They're little sheets of nail polish. You peel one off, stick it to your nails, trim it, blow dry it, and have a fantastic manicure. It feels like nail polish, and acts like nail polish once it's on. The trickiest part is getting the little stickers onto your nails straight.

So I picked up a couple of packs of these at Ardene, and I tried out the zebra print first.

I totally love it. It's shiny, fun, and looks professional without too much work going into it.

Some of the pieces I didn't get on totally straight, and the parts touching my skin are lifting up and catching on stuff. So they might start chipping or falling off soon. The parts that adhered to my nails, though, are not going anywhere.

I would recommend this, for either that night you need your nails really well done, or anyone that wants their nails to be just a little bit fancier, without the much higher price tag.

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