Sunday, 13 October 2013


As I'm sure you've noticed by now, I'm not one to go all out on most of my meals. Every now and then I get in a mood and whip up something fancy, but on the norm, my cooking is just like my mom's; plain, simple, easy, and delicious.

So when I found some GF pizza shells on the 50% off rack (read: about to expire), I picked up a squeeze bottle of pizza sauce and some ham. Time to test this cheese stuff on a pizza.

If I'd really been thinking, I would have picked up some pineapple. I love me some Hawaiian pizza. But for now, it was just plain ham.

At first, when I found it a year or so ago, I thought that a squeeze bottle of pizza sauce was ultimately lazy. Then I thought about it, and realized how handy it could be. You can make one single individual pizza, without wasting half a can of pizza sauce. Now, it's even handier. M can use it on a normal pizza and not contaminate it all. 

So, on goes the squeezey pizza sauce, then the gluten-free ham, then the dairy-free cheese. After using the cheese this many times, my fears of it not melting or being terrible are pretty dissipated. I put it in for fifteen minutes, but took it out early, because I had a time crunch.

Warm, cheesey, pizza-ey, and delicious. Not the best pizza in my life, but pretty good. And it was good reheated later.

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