Monday, 14 October 2013


Happy thanksgiving! Well, to all you Canadians. Any Americans reading this are probably wondering what on earth we're doing eating Turkey in October. Well guess what. That's when thanksgiving is. So suck it up.

I'll tell you all about my thanksgiving weekend later, but right now I need to tell you about my latest addiction.


Oh my gosh, you guys. This stuff is amazing.

I was never a fan of squishy green stuff as a kid, so I don't think I had real guacamole until after I was married, and every time I've had it since then, it's a "Oh my gosh this is so freakin' amazing, I need to eat this every day" moment.

So recently, I got a craving for it, and when I looked for it at my grocery store, this is what I found.

It says Gluten Free! That is seriously the fastest way to make me buy anything. I swear if I found two types of tomatoes in the produce section, and one said gluten-free, but was a dollar more, I'd buy it. It doesn't even matter what it is, but when it says it's gluten-free, I will buy it. We also bought a bag of Skittles on the same logic. They say Gluten-Free on the back!

So anyways. We bought of bag of taco chips, and I devoured them. It's bad. When I was out of taco chips and still needed guacamole, I resorted to pretzels.

I figured they're salty, and what does it matter? I'm covering them in guacamole anyways! (Don't worry, guys... Those are Glutino's pretzels, the ones that run you about $10/bag, but I found on sale for $7!)

So that's my latest addiction. I can not get enough of this squishy green stuff.

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