Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Catelli Gluten Free Pasta

Catelli came out with a GF pasta! I'm not sure when this development took place, but I love it. All of the gluten-free pasta I've bought so far has been brands I'd never heard of before, which isn't a problem, but it certainly is nice when you can buy something made by someone you've enjoyed before.

What I really like about Catelli's pastas are that they are made with four grains. White and brown rice, corn and quinoa. Most GF pastas are either rice, or corn. If I only bake with a blend of flours, why would my pasta be made with only one?

I bought the spaghetti and fusilli, but there is also a penne.

I thoroughly enjoyed both. Repeatedly.

They cook well, taking a normal amount of time, and they don't bubble up with the thick white foam that some pastas do. I've eaten them with a butter sauce, tomato sauce, and plain, and loved them every time. I planned to eat the spaghetti with an alfredo sauce that I found, but the alfredo sauce was, unfortunately, expired, so I'll have to get back to you on that one.

They are a good texture, without any graininess or sliminess. They have a mild taste, without being overwhelming, or bland.

I especially love the spaghetti. I've found that long, thin pastas make or break a pasta. I actually avoided all spaghetti and fettucini since the early months because every single one I've tried was either hard and slimy, grainy, or fell apart. It seems to be much harder to make well than short, thicker, shaped pastas.

Catelli's spaghetti was fantastic. Perfection in a pasta. Complete normalcy.

I would highly reccomend the Catelli pasta to anyone who wants to try GF, enjoys GF, feels better with GF, or has to cook for someone who is GF.

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