Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day Ten: Sunday.

I'm sorry. I had another insignificant day. We had big plans when we woke up this morning, but the weather man had other ideas. It snowed a lot, and it was all very wet snow. Which is unusual for Saskatchewan. We usually have -40 very dry winters. But the last few weeks it's been all melt-freeze-melt-freeze, so wet snow, freezing rain and black ice were soon to follow. I don't know the count on how much fell, but I know that our front door was actually white at one point, because it was so windy.

We did leave the house, but only because my husband has a 4x4 F150. My little car would not have made it to the end of the block. Oh? What's that? You say that the busy streets should be plowed soon? Ah! You're so cute. Yeah, the city doesn't have to start plowing until it has stopped snowing for 72 hours. So it could be a week before the main streets get cleared. They'll probably start on Tuesday, but my car is not going anywhere for a few days at least.

Anyways, so we just had a lazy Sunday. Get it? Yeah, I'm so funny.. Anyways... We did go over to a friend's house to sew again today. My sister was the only one that really needed help there, but we all went anyways. After my sister finished the bodice to her dress, we dropped her off at her bf's and came home. Later, my husband and I went to Walmart and bought some sewing extras we've been needing. My seamripper died on me, and I wanted a bobbin case, and he needed buttons. Funny story (as in mildly interesting):

Yesterday, at Fabricland, hubby told me to get him some "Twenty silver buttons about the size of a normal spool of thread". So I grabbed a spool of thread and went button-hunting. I found some great ones, but they only had eight. Kept looking. Lots of okay ones, didn't have enough. Found two different kinds that were close to the right size, so I sent him pictures. He didn't like either. So I sent him a picture of that first one, which I had determined I liked the most. He loved them. Dammit. They only had eight. I asked an employee if they had more, she checked and no. She called the other store in that town, and they had eight more. Not worth a trip all the way across town, since it wouldn't be enough anyways. So I bought the eight, and decided eventually I'll just come back, and maybe they'll have more, but at least I know which ones we want.

So... Tonight, we went to Walmart to find buttons for my dress, and lo and behold! We found very similar buttons to the ones in the picture I sent him. We got them home, and they were the same! The buttons are identical, but the packaging is different. Imagine that!

What'd I tell you? Mildly interesting, right? I need a more interesting life if I'm gonna keep blogging...

So, we wandered around Walmart and bought some stuff for sewing. And that was about our day. Just a chill Sunday.

You want to know what I ate? I guess that might be why you're here. Well, for breakfast I toasted some of my afore-mentioned odd gluten-free bread. And it really tasted better! Being warm made it moister, if that makes sense. It also seemed less dry. Maybe it toasting it really just warmed it up and made it okay for it to be the consistency of normal toast. I'm not sure. Either way, try your gluten-free bread in the toaster.

For lunch, I made hashbrowns. After being offered hashbrowns, potato wedges, french fries or perogies, my sister asked why all the products in our freezer were potatoes. The perogies and potato wedges are actually glutened, I just used to eat them all the time. I still have to laugh every time she asks why we have weird food now.

For dinner, we had nachos. I found another unhealthy normal meal that already is gluten-free. Aren't you proud of me?

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