Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 26: Back to the Vet

Today was Piper's check-up after we gave her antibiotics for two weeks. The vet was hoping all the problems in her pee would clear up, and she would stop wetting the bed. Except that she wet the bed last night. Well, wet the blanket she was sleeping on, but same thing... The point is, we know her problem with inconstancy hasn't cleared up, so we were hoping it was an old age thing, not a kidney thing. Okay, so I took her in first thing this morning, and they stuck a needle into her belly to get the cleanest sample of pee possible. I felt so bad for her. She's so happy-go-lucky. Her tail was even wagging when we pulled up to the vet's office. But then they took her away from me, and she look so sad. She didn't freak out or whine, but she just looked at me... I felt very loved. Usually she just loves me as much as she loves everyone else in the world, but she loves my husband ten times more. When he leaves her in the car for a few minutes, she barks or whines. When I do, she lays down and naps. But today, she loved me more than just a stranger. It was great.

Anyways... So the bacteria in her pee cleared out, which means her infection is gone, but she still has a low specific gravity and high proteins, which either means we need to switch her food or she has kidney problems. The other kidney signs aren't there, so we're talking about switching her food. We also got an estrogen pill to help her not wet herself. Ugh... Why did we adopt an old dog? It's so sad dealing with this kind of thing...

Food-wise, I had a very mundane day. I'm sorry, I'm such a creature of habit. I had probiotic yogurt and some cereal for breakfast, and chicken rice soup for lunch like I have for the past week or so, and then we had tacos again tonight for dinner.

I'm sorry to be slacking even more, but I bought The Love Dare today. It's a 40 day challenge about love and marriage. I'm really going to focus on it for the next 40 days, so I know I won't blog here every single day. Sorry. I'll write when I discover or cook or do something new, but when I have more days like today, I just won't write... I need to take that extra time to focus on my marriage right now. Funny how not seeing much of each other for two months, and then being diagnosed with a disease can do a number on a relationship.

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