Monday, 18 March 2013

Day 25: Getting Glutened

So... I glutened myself today. Kind of on purpose, and I was kind of aware of it. Do you remember how I said we had two pastas, and one was weird and foamy and tasted weird, and one was normal and yummy and good? Well, we went to buy more of the good kind, and we noticed that it didn't actually say gluten-free on it. I knew I read the ingredients the first time I bought it, so I flipped it over and checked again. Apparently, under the ingredients, in bold letters, it says "May contain wheat" so awesome. We bought a different kind all together, but I still had about a serving left of that one kind. So today, at lunch, I made it. I knew I had eaten only safe foods all day, so I would know if it effected me or not. It did. Oh, did it ever. I felt awful all afternoon.

Actually, the afternoon was about it. I felt bloaty and gassy and nauseous and blurgh at work, until about four, when I started feeling a bit better. By five, I felt okay, and I dragged my butt to the gym to meet Banana. I felt actually good there. Maybe just moving and working out made me feel alive. I did the circuit again, and then 20 min of elliptical. And then we sat in the sauna for awhile. Man, the heat does wonders on my muscles. I hate how I feel in there, all hot and sweaty and burning, but I love how my muscles feel.

So here's a maybe-symptom. After the sauna and a shower I was red and splotchy over most of my body. It looked really bad. Like a rash, but it wasn't itchy or bumpy. It covered my legs up to mid-thigh, my arms, my chest, and my face. Not my stomach, upper thighs or neck. I noticed it was pretty much everywhere I used to have a tan, so it could be heat-related, melanin-related, gluten-related or new-body-wash-related. I have no idea what caused it, but it looked really bad and lasted after I cooled off.

To be honest, I didn't ever actually eat dinner. I had some cheese and crackers and a ham sandwich, but that's really it. Oh, hubby decided my new gluten-free bread tastes awful. We're out of his bread, so he tried some of mine, and it was a nope.

I felt a lot better after the gym, so I might try that the next time I have symptoms. I still have the brain fog, and I'm really tired, but my body returned to normal afterwards.

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