Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 14: The Airport

Happy Thursday everyone! Today was a very happy Thursday for me! My best friend came home! She's been in Thailand for three months, but she came home today! (Okay... she actually came home last night. I'm writing this on Friday, because I got home from picking her up after midnight.)

The rest of the day was pretty insignificant. I woke up, I worked, I ate food. I made pasta in the microwave for lunch, because all of our pots needed washing. I've made pasta in the microwave a few times. It always comes out a slightly funny texture. So the gluten-free pasta in the microwave was just fine. I mean sure, it wasn't normal, but I had no expectations.

I'm noticing that I'm starting to expect my food to taste gluten-free. My gluten-free pretzels taste normal to me now, in fact even good. I can see that in some time I'll think gluten-free bread tastes better than other bread like people keep telling me. My taste buds and tummy are slowly readjusting to all this weird food.

For dinner, I made a buttload of rice and fried some BBQ-marinated chicken. You can tell my creativity is sapping, huh? I wanted rice in the fridge, because it's easy to make a stir-fry, or some rice pudding and other yummy things. And last night I pulled out two frozen chicken breasts and put them in the fridge with some BBQ sauce. Wanna know a funny story? Three or four months ago, when we were out of barbeque sauce, we were at the store looking for more, and I found a big bottle with a cool top that I liked, and I read the label which has big letters saying "Gluten-Free" and I said to my husband, "Really? Gluten-free barbeque sauce? What is this world coming to?" Well, this world is coming to me being pre-emptive and smart and I was very happy when I remembered that, because I had read BBQ sauce is on the bad list. But mine's not! How cool is that?

Also, my attitude wasn't directed at the people trying to avoid gluten and eat barbeque sauce, it was directed at barbeque sauce makers who add gluten. Don't worry, I didn't hate on my future self.

Anyways... So after dinner, I drove an hour to the bigger city, and then waited an hour at the airport (the plane was delayed in Calgary, waiting to be de-iced for an hour). And then saw my friend for the first time in three months, and proceeded to hand her a ski jacket, mittens, hat and scarf. And in my car was a blanket waiting for her. It's not even that cold today, but it's a heck of a lot warmer in Thailand. And somebody didn't pack anything warmer than a cardigan, because she didn't need it...

I've written before (on my other, pre-celiac blog) about how much I love airports, because they're just fantastic for people-watching. But I didn't do much people-watching. I was so glazed-over. I was also hungry, because I'm always hungry and we're out of gluten-free snackables. So I wandered over to the little place that sells food. I didn't feel like analyzing and freaking out about ingredients and so on, so I bought some Rice Crisps and an apple. I love that fruit is still safe. I never think about eating fruit or buying fruit, but when I see it, I remember how good it tastes and how much I want it.

And that was my day. I'm sorry. It's been a glazey day. I'm beginning to think much of my near future looks like this.

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