Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day Eight: The Vet

Today was another one of those severely insignificant days. I'm sorry, I'll try to have more significant days for your sake.

Well, except that last night we noticed our dog had peed herself again. She's done it a few times lately, and she doesn't mean to, or even seem to notice when it happens, so I had to call the vet at lunch. The vet said it could be an incontinence thing, since she is pretty old (about ten) or it could be a bladder infection.

So this afternoon, I took my lovely puppy to the vet, where they weighed her, informed me that her shots were not up to date, stabbed her with needles, and took a sample of her pee. Have you ever tried to get a pee sample from a female dog? Not fun...

Anyways, she was just the best dog ever while they gave her two shots in the bum. She just sat on the exam table, being sweet. And she was very friendly to the other people and animals at the clinic while we waited for the pee test results. And she was very well behaved and never freaked out once. Best dog ever.

So anyways, her pee sample showed she has an infection, either in her kidneys or her bladder. So we're giving her an antibiotic now. Which is kind of sad. I've never had to deal with any dog health concerns before, so this is really sad.

I know she's old, and we knew when we got her that we would have to deal with more health things, but it's just sad. And I know it could be way worse. But seeing her get up from a nap, and turn around and discover a little puddle and look at us like, "what happened?" just breaks my heart. I can't even be mad at her for peeing in the house, because she just didn't know. Sad sad sad.

I'm sorry for going on about my dog, you don't care. She's not gluten-free, and she doesn't eat gluten-free. But that was really all that happened today.

I had chili and taco chips for lunch, we had tacos for supper again, and then I went to a friend's house with my sister, and we measured ourselves and figured out how much fabric to buy tomorrow for dresses.

So tomorrow I'm going fabric shopping. I'll have something to write about then.

I feel so lethargic and out of it. I drove home from my sister's house in a total glaze, and I sat at a red light worrying that I would fall asleep before it turned green and then I would crash and die.

PS, I have a bit of a dramatic fear about car crashes...

Piper, being very well behaved outside of the vet's office.

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