Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Day 19

I felt pretty wiped all day today. You know how you feel the morning after you threw up? Yeah... Didn't feel like eating anything, but I wasn't actually nauseous. Blech.

Anyways. I didn't come home for lunch today. Mostly because at noon I didn't feel up to walking the couple blocks to my car, and then I still didn't feel like it at two, or three, so I just came home from work early at four instead.

For dinner, my husband cooked chicken breast and bacon, and stir-fried it with leftover rice, GF soya sauce, and peas. It tasted just like the chicken fried rice you get from Chinese restaurants. I don't know about this new soya sauce though. Hubs said he cooked it down a lot, so it was stronger than it normally would be, but it was way too strong for me.

After dinner, my friend wanted to go shopping with me, so we went to Bulk Barn and Superstore and then to Tim Hortons for coffee. The kind of hanging out we used to do almost every night before she moved to Thailand. It's so good to have her back.

I love wandering around Bulk Barn now. I didn't buy anything, because I wasn't prepared, but I love looking at all the things I newly understand, and thinking about buying them. Like tapioca! I think I'll make my own tapioca pudding soon. Mmm....

Oh, and I discovered youarenotaphotographer.com today at work. My friend told me about it last night at coffee, so I spent my spare time looking at it. I had a good day on that regard, because I kept laughing.

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  1. Hahaha, told you the site is fantastic! :) But eewww, tapioca, I cringed as I read that!