Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 86: Cat Gel Nails

Have you heard of Soft Paws? Hubby's been going on about them forever. Our cats scratch everything, and he seems to think they will stop them. But they run $20 for a set of 40, which covers 4 applications, so I haven't caved yet.

Well, I found some on a Facebook local auction group, and I ended up paying $6! Not a bad deal, in my opinion. I didn't get to pick the colours, but that's a small price to pay. (haha, get it?)

We put them on the cats today. Pixel got sparkly white, and Lola got sparkly blue. They look so pretty. The girl who sold them described them as cat gel nails, which cracked me up, but that's pretty much exactly what they are. They're little plastic caps that go over top of the cat's nails. But don't they look pretty?

The Soft Paws

I think Pixel looks fabulous

Lola doesn't like posing her paws

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  1. There's a groomer near where we moved that does the whole process for $25. With our cat being grumpy about her paws being touched we are thinking that the little extra might be worth it. Tell us how it turns out for you and the cats.