Saturday, 11 May 2013

Day 79: Testing out my new oven

So, we bought an oven three weeks ago. Well, technically, I guess our landlords bought an oven, but they live three hours away, so we picked it up and brought it home. And then it sat in the backyard for two weeks, because Hubby couldn't move it alone, and everytime someone was around who could help, he forgot about it. Last week, when all my family was over, I got my brother, husband, and sister's boyfriend to bring it into the kitchen for me. And then it sat there for a week. I wanted to clean it before I plugged it in to see if it worked, and I just haven't had the time and energy to clean an oven. Finally this morning, I woke up and just did it. I actually cleaned both ovens, because I'm hoping to sell ours, and it needed a good cleaning.

Oh, the oven we bought wasn't new. Or even clean. We bought it from a guy who bought a house to tear it down, so he wanted to oven out, but also hoped to make a quick buck from it. So he didn't know if it even worked, and it was kind of dirty. But it has a glass top, and a convection setting, which makes it way better than ours... If it works.

So I cleaned both oven, and both stoves, and then went to the gym, and hubby swapped out their places so that we could plug in the new one, but not abandon the old one just yet.

And then I made banana muffins, to see if it worked, and how well, because I know that recipe. It did work, and well enough. They were done a little sooner, so it's a little hotter. After that, I made bread in the convection setting, to see how well that worked. Also worked well. Shaved 15 minutes off of the recipe time. I hadn't made this one before, so I can't compare that to anything.

I wish I could share this bread recipe, but it was actually from a mix. A friend highly reccomended Bulk Barn's cinnamon raisin bread mix, so I bought some awhile back. I wouldn't reccomend it. It tastes like raisins, but if you get a bite without any little shrivelled up grapes, it just doesn't have taste. It doesn't taste like cinnamon, or even bread. It's just texture in your mouth. Yuck.

Actually, it's okay slathered in peanut butter, or even in a PB&J sandwich. I have been eating it. I just wouldn't eat it plain.

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