Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 73: I Scream, You Scream, We All Sream For...

Since it's finally summer, I decided to celebrate by going for ice cream tonight. There's a little laundromat/ice cream place down just a block from our house. When our washer broke, we had to use the laundromat there, and hubby and I used to occasionally walk down for ice cream during the summer.

So we grabbed the dog (who we adopted in November - she's never made an ice cream trip) and walked on down. I usually avoid small businesses, because I can google franchise's gluten-free options. I told the guy working right away that I had a gluten allergy, so he handed me a list of all of the ice creams and their ingredients, and washed the scoop with soap. I was very impressed. I had pistachio in a plastic bowl, and hubby had black cherry in a waffle bowl. Sometimes I think he rubs it in. Just kidding, he asked if I was okay with it first.

I was impressed. The guy admitted he didn't know what all had gluten in it, but he was aware of how to treat an allergy, and did his best to accomodate me.

Oh, I know. It's still not safe. The scoop goes back into the ice cream long before I get there, and it could that a cone broke over one of the tubs. Things that come out of tubs like that are never 100%. I know. But honestly. The amount that would contaminate... It's not like my own ice cream rubbed against a gluten-y scoop... Ah, the line I dance around of safe vs not safe.

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