Saturday, 4 May 2013

Day 72: Rainbow Jello!

Tomorrow I'm having a big family dinner at my house! My older brother has been living in BC for several months, and he finally came home to visit, and brought his girlfriend (who none of us have met) too! They're staying in the bigger city, where her family is, but they're coming into town tomorrow for dinner.

Hip hip hooray.

I'm hosting, because I have the biggest dining room, and I'm cooking because I can make safe, yummy food. My mom will help, of course. She offered to do it all, but I insisted.

I kind of feel bad for his girlfriend, because she's going to meet all of us at the same time, in one giant family dinner. Oh, my sister is also introducing her boyfriend to the family tomorrow, so that should take some stress off of both of them.

That also brings the people count to ten.

I'm making dinner, not a feast, so I won't start cooking anything until tomorrow, but I did start dessert today. Rainbow Jello! Hubby wanted to try making it months ago, so we have six packs of different coloured Jello, and unflavoured gelatin.

I used six flavours, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Berry Blue and Grape. You could use Cherry, or Raspberry for red, if you like.

I made mine in a fluted bowl, so the bottom layers are a lot thicker, even though there are the same amounts of each jello. If you have a straight edge trifle bowl, by all means, use that! Also, make sure your dish will hold twelve cups of liquid. Each box makes two cups of jello.

I poured the pack of Jello powder into a large measuring cup, sprinkled a bit of plain gelatin in too (I couldn't tell you how much, it varied every single time) just to help it set up better. Then I added one cup boiling water, whisked, and added one cup cold water. When it was well stirred, I poured it in.

The first layer was the easiest. The next few, I slowly poured the Jello down the side of the bowl, and the last few, I poured it over the back of a ladle, to prevent the fresh Jello from disturbing the set Jello.

I let each layer set for an hour or two. The longer, the better, but I did start running out of time, so the last couple were pretty close together.

I served with a ladle, and tried to scoop all the way to the bottom, so each bowl would have a mini rainbow in it. I also served it with whipped cream, which some people stirred in, or ate on top. Delicious, fun, simple, and who doesn't like Jello? Perfect family dinner dessert.

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