Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day 80: Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day, that day when we're obligated to buy something for the women in our life, write cards, and make phone calls. I laid awake in bed last night, thinking about what Mother's Day really means, and why we bother with it. I mean, mothers certainly deserve a day to themselves, they give up enough days for other people. But just like Valentine's Day, why do we need a day that we have to say I love you? Doesn't it mean less when we do? I know we all get busy, and we forget, and we don't bother. I love Valentine's Day, because it forces my husband to take me out on a date and remind me he loves me, which sometimes he just gets so focused (on making my life better) that he forgets to. The same thing happens to mothers. We forget about the sacrifices they make, and the work they put in without recognition. We get busy, and forget to say Thank you.

Now here's my problem. Just because your uterus is or has been occupied, doesn't mean you're a mother. Ah, don't shoot me just yet. I know people that from day one of pregnancy, have been a mom. Their bodies have given them nothing but trouble, they have had to give up doing things they enjoy, because of a baby growing inside of them (and I do not just mean drinking), they have spent nearly nine months researching and shopping and preparing. They have put in work, at the same time that every part of their body is rebelling against them. Those people, they deserve some recognition.

But I also know people who were not a mother when they were pregnant. They didn't think about this baby like a child. They perhaps smoked, or drank, all the way through. They complained about the inconvenience of a baby belly, and talked about how awful their life would be once this kid popped out. They made me sick, and I wanted to punch them, or at least volunteer at the hospital, steal their baby once it was born and run away. And even after birth. These women might have a kid, but that doesn't make them a mom. I think you guys know what I mean now. We all have friends who have that kind of mom, who really never put in work, and really didn't seem to care. They don't warm your hearts when you think about all they've done.

So just because someone is a mother, doesn't exactly mean  they deserve even a Mother's Day card.

But my mom does. She is amazing, inspiring, wonderful, and heart-warming. She is everything to me, and has done everything for me. I tear up on the inside just thinking about it all.

So I wrote her a big long note last night, just to tell her I love her, and appreciate her. But honestly, a Facebook status isn't enough, no matter how long it is.

So this afternoon, I bought her a box of chocolates, and then wandered through the dollar store, and bought her a little plastic trophy (Number one mom, yo) and some other little things, and a card. She teared up when I gave it to her, saying that she thought the Facebook note was plenty.

I don't think I can even explain how much I appreciate my mom.

So, to all you mothers out there, I hope someone is remembering to appreciate you, and thinking about how much you mean to them.

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