Friday, 13 December 2013

Daiya Swiss Style Slices

The next stop on my dairy-free expedition was grilled cheese sandwiches. I can pretend I planned it that way, but I'll be honest. M and I were talking about what to eat one Saturday and I announced I wanted grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. However, I can't eat bread, cheese or tomato soup! Well, at least not any of the "normal" kinds. Since we needed some other groceries, M and I went to the grocery store and picked up a loaf of Udi's gluten-free white bread and a pack of Daiya Swiss Style Slices.

I'm not going to lie and say it's indiscernible from cheese. You can tell. Honestly, you can always tell. I'm beginning to feel like eating is all about compromise.

These slices come, well, pre-sliced. They're layered with wax paper so it's easy to remove one at a time. The slices are a little thick and very rigid. It's not hard to break one in half. They smell and taste like Swiss cheese, but I was more concerned with how they would melt.

I know, my grill needs a good cleaning, but I think the fact that I made grilled cheese for lunch should tell you how much energy I've had.

The cheese melted just fine, even oozing out and hitting the grill.

I didn't get my tomato soup, but I did have a little pizza sauce that I dipped the sandwich in. The cheese was warm, melty and smooth. It had a distinct swiss flavour, and didn't have the rubbery texture that goes with processed cheese. A full-on win, in my books. If you aren't satisfied, I decided to see what the cheese does on its own. I took a slice and tossed it on my still warm grill.

There! I didn't time it or anything, but it didn't take too long to begin to bubble. I flipped it at that point. You can see how liquid-ey is is, also how the cheese browns.

I quite enjoy regular cheese grilled like this, but I didn't enjoy this. It was a little too creamy, to liquid-ey, too something. On its own, without gluten-free bread loving hugging it, you could plainly tell this was not real cheese, and it just wasn't that good. 

I would still recommend it! If you're looking for the convenience of slices and the flavour of Swiss without dairy, lactose, soy or gluten, definitely buy these! The slightly higher price tag is completely worth how normal I felt after I enjoyed my lunch!

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