Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Brown's Social House

A couple weekends ago, I decided to brave something unknown. Going to new restaurants makes me anxious, even when they have amazing gluten-free-friendly reviews. A new restaurant opened downtown not too long ago, and I haven't really heard much. I mean, I know people who went, and they said the food was good, the atmosphere was nice, etc, but they really aren't going to know how the place treats a gluten allergy. Suffice it to say, I was nervous.

But, feeling adventurous, I went to Brown's Social House! The service was incredibly friendly. The hostess asked if we'd been there before, and quickly explained their menu. The waitress was was friendly. I told her I had a gluten allergy, so she said she'd grab a manager. A minute or two later, a very nice gentleman appeared and walked me through the menu, bottom to top. Yes, bottom to top. I don't know why, but he even commented that he always starts at the bottoms of menus. Anyways, he pointed out every dish I could eat. They'd all need substitutions or accommodations made, but there were several options for me. Some of them sounded sub-par without the bread component, but a few sounded even better like that. Like the breakfast burrito I ordered.

The waitress came back to take our order, and admitted she knew nothing about gluten, so she was just going to write gluten allergy in the notes on the order. This made me a little bit nervous, but my fears were relieved not too long later.

A man came out from the kitchen and asked us who had the gluten. That's actually what he said. It made me giggle a little on the inside, but I told him I did. He said that the side, which I think was fries, was deep-fried, and other things containing gluten were deep-fried in the same fryer, so if I was worried about contamination I couldn't have the side. If I wasn't that concerned, he would bring it to me. I told him I was concerned, so he said I could have a salad instead. The salad sounded great, so I was okay with it all. I was actually impressed that he came out to double-check personally.

Moments later, our food came out. It looked amazing, and was delivered by the same manager who checked about the side.

So, when it comes to a gluten-allergy, I'm impressed by this place. They don't offer anything specifically gluten-free, but they are knowledgeable and helpful. Although your server may not know much, the management does, and they make sure it all goes smoothly.

The food was also amazing! My burrito turned into a Mexican-style breakfast hash without the tortilla, and I think I liked it more than I would have in a wrap. Spicy, tasty, and hot. The salad was also delicious. The dressing was super spicy, but the salad itself was delectable.

I would recommend this place. It's got a sports bar feel, but it's a little fancier than a sports bar. I wore a pretty dress, and no one looked at me like my skin had just turned green. Give it a shot, check it out! For a newly opened restaurant, they were highly organized.

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