Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hot Dog!

Hubby and I were sitting around tonight, vaguely talking about dinner, when I suddenly said, "I want hot dogs!" He agreed, so we zipped down to Safeway, and found GF hot dog buns, and GF hot dogs! Schneider's Country Naturals is a fantastic line of meats. All the ham, and the hot dogs that are always full of gluten things, are gluten free! I love it. I bought a few things from them before, because I like the idea that they're natural and preservative-free.

The hot dogs tasted great, and don't taste any different than any normal ones, and hubby liked them too.

The buns, on the other hand... Were classic GF buns. Hard, and dry, and slightly crumbly. Sad and depressing. Better when microwaved, but still sad. Especially when I cut my hard, dense buns, and then hubby's soft, moist, delicious buns.

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