Wednesday, 21 August 2013


It's been awhile; I know. I have all sorts of excuses: working a lot, being sick a lot, not sleeping a lot, and just plain laziness. Ultimately, I haven't blogged because I haven't baked anything new. At all. We've been eating tacos and pasta and banana muffins for too long. I need to get back to experimenting, I know.

Anyways, the reason I'm blogging now is because I officially had the worst restaurant experience. I've been pretty appalled before by the lack of knowledge waitresses have, and truly pathetic gluten-aware menus, and even having food delivered to me with obvious sources of gluten right on top, but this, I think, tops the cake.

The other day, I worked an eight hour shift on a Saturday, so lovely hubby had the day off. He met me for my break, like he does sometimes, and we decided to go eat at Smitty's, for it's convenient location in the mall.

I told the waitress right away that I had a gluten allergy, so she brought me the gluten-aware menu. I quickly settled on a spinach and swiss omelette, and ordered. The menu didn't have a plethora of options, but there were a few things that caught my eye.

The omelette came out to me with something creamy and white all over the whole thing. I asked if it was the swiss, and the waitress said, "It should be, but it looks like hollandaise. I'm sure it's fine, but I'll just go check." Starving, and with a limited amount of time to eat, I took two quick bites before the waitress came back and said, "Sorry, I'll have to take that back. It's not gluten-free." Say what? I ordered off the gluten-free menu, and informed you that I had a gluten allergy, yet you still brought me food that contains gluten?

She came back with safe food shortly, and apologized. She said she didn't know that the gluten-aware version doesn't have hollandaise sauce, so the kitchen added it, like they usually would. She also didn't bother to inform them of my allergy. She said, "Some people order off the gluten-free menu out of preference." Yes, but I told you I had an allergy.

So, I ate my safe spinach and swiss omelette, and enjoyed it, and got back to work in time, but felt minorly cruddy all day. Not like stabbing stomach pains, but the brain fog and headache. Not something that I was expecting to endure.

So does this top the cake? Well, my waitress didn't know anything, I had a pathetic gluten-free menu, and I had food delivered with gluten right on top. Yeah, I'd say it does top the cake.


  1. Just wondering what the hollandaise sauce at Smitty's is then... True hollandaise has butter, lemon and egg; there shouldn't be gluten in that. I hope the rest of the day was better.

    1. Huh. My rule of thumb is anything that's creamy or thick probably has flour in it, so I didn't even look into it. It was really creamy. Is hollandaise usually creamy?