Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Okay, so I caved... I bought a burger, no bun. My first. Well, sort of... I bought it at Arby's, and they don't really do burgers, they do sandwiches. So I got a pile of roast beef in a dish. And curly fries. And I know I shouldn't be eating the curly fries, I know they're not safe. So I was bad. Sue me. But I crossed another fence and that's a good thing.

So the verdict is... It's pathetic. So sad. But at least the guy at Arby's was really nice about it and didn't make me feel like a loser.

Obviously half of that tray is not for me, but the half that is is pretty sad, huh?

The real verdict is, that it tasted alright, and in a pinch, it would curb my fast food craving. I'll probably go again, and maybe ixnay on the fries, because I know that was a bad idea. Oh, and I should google their cheese sauce and see if I can eat that, because cheese sauced roast beef would be a wee bit less pathetic.

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