Sunday, 9 June 2013


Beautiful weekends call for picnics at the lake.

Oh, did I say beautiful? I mean weekends. It was windy, chilly, and cloudy. Not like stormy-cloudy, but like no-sun-is-shining cloudy. Oh, and she is wearing clothes. I promise. Her blanket-cape is just conveniently covering her entire dress.

Anyways, Banana and I packed a little picnic and drove out to a lake, which was deserted, probably because it wasn't such a nice weekend. 

Delicious, fruit-packed picnic. Mmm. Oh, and Lay's. They're GF! Did you know that? New favourite discovery. I don't mean they don't have gluten in them. I mean at the bottom of the ingredients, in bold letters, the bag says Gluten free. Fan-frickin-tastic. Mmm. Most of the flavours are too, but I think plain is my favourite right now.

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