Friday, 7 June 2013

Raspberry Lemonade

Banana is amazing and made me curry and raspberry lemonade. I would call it from-scratch raspberry lemonade, but we used bottled lemon juice and fresh raspberry. Delicious, easy, and a quintessential summer drink!

Smoosh up the berries in a plastic baggie. With your hand, or a rolling pin. You can use really any berry you want, just cut leaves off and rinse them.

Add equal parts lemon juice and sugar to a pitcher. Start with half a cup or less (less sugar than you normally would like) and then add the smooshed-up berries. Taste the lemonade, and add a bit more lemon or sugar, to taste, until it's perfect.

I'm sorry, lemonade is not a perfect science. But it is an easy one!

And a pretty one.

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