Monday, 2 June 2014

Day at the Beach

Oh. My. Goodness.

How is it June already? Where on earth did spring go??

Well, technically it's still spring for another three weeks, but I don't think anyone considers early June to be spring.

I spent yet another weekend in Saskatoon the last couple of days, and this one might have been my favourite.

I started spending weekends there in October, while M was at school, and when he left in December, I'd made enough friends and hobbies to have reasons to go back about once a month. This time, I got Friday off work and I drove up Thursday, with plans to come home on Saturday morning, with plenty of time to still spend a weekend with my husband.

Friday night, plans changed. Two of my friends started planning a trip to the beach, and wanted me to go. Since I hadn't been to Saskatoon during beach-worthy weather, and I didn't have anything pressing at home, I went along with them.

I've never been one to just lay in the sun and work on my tan, or one to go to the beach without going swimming, but that's exactly what we did and exactly what I needed. It was just like spending a Saturday at home, laying on the couch watching Netflix, except with sunshine and a breeze and fresh air. Oh, and a tan. And don't worry, I put sunscreen on.

Sometimes I forget that I can't eat most food, and I forget how complicated my life can be because of that. When I eat at home a lot or at the same couple of restaurants, it just becomes perfectly normal to me, but when I step out of my comfort zone and spend some time with friends who aren't quite as used to my diet. The two girls I went with suggested a picnic at the beach, and I thought "Oh great, I can swing by a grocery store, pick up some fruit, a quick sandwich and other things to make a lunch." And they thought "Subway is on the way out of town, we'll stop there." So I had to leave a little earlier and do some shopping, and come up with something to eat and then create my little sandwich out at the beach. That's fine by me, and I'm pretty used to it, I just forget that it's not normal and that not everyone is used to it.

Also, I went with them into Subway to chat while they ordered sandwiches, and the lady asked me if I was ordering anything. I giggled a little as I said I wasn't, and I know she doesn't know why, but I just can't imagine trying to order anything from there.

I case you're wondering, I picked up a package of GF buns, a small package of sliced chicken, an individually wrapped cookie and a bowl of mixed fruit.

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