Thursday, 29 May 2014

My life, lately

I haven't been doing much that's blog-worthy, but I have been doing lots of things lately, so here's a quick summary of my current obsessions, hair colour and foods I've been buying.

My sister and I dyed our hair from the same box of dye, so now we have the exact same colour of hair. No one will notice, though, because we're sisters, and they expect us to look alike. (PS, we both dyed our hair as close to natural as possible, because we both have grays coming in. What is up with that?)

On my slow journey towards cutting all dairy out, I bought some dairy-free coffee creamer. I've tried a few kinds, and this is my favourite! I honestly can't tell it's not dairy, and I feel just a little bit better throughout my day.

I used to eat peanut-butter-banana toast every morning for breakfast, so I did not pass up the opportunity when I had a loaf of gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread on hand. Hence, cinnamon-raisin-peanut-butter-banana toast. (Toasted in the oven, my toaster isn't safe.)

It's finally warmed up enough for flip flops, and it turns out I don't have a matching pair left. Where have half of my shoes gone??

Eating super healthy, as usual... Did you know the nacho cheese Doritos are now gluten-free?!

I am in love with this granola. Great munchy snack, and also fantastic with a little almond milk. It's been awhile since I had cereal. (Mostly because I don't buy milk.)

I stole the chance to take a bunch of selfies with my brother's new nephew, days before the wedding. He's a little sweetheart, isn't he?

My latest obsession? Jamberry Nails. They're nail wraps - look like polish, stay on like gel nails, and take less time to apply than polish! I'm in love. I got a set of polka dot ones to go with my red bridesmaid dress

My sister, our significant others, and I at our brother's wedding. She is marrying the tall, dapper gentleman on the left in a month! I love this photo of the four of us.

I have dubbed the next couple of months my "Summer of Weddings" and this is why. Four wedding invitations between May and August. Yep... One down, three to go.

After I took off my Jamberry Nails (after ten days!), I painted my nails this lovely shade of pink. Just says "summer", doesn't it?

My hair is terribly grown out from it's cute, short bob, and I'm trying to get as much length before the next wedding, so instead of suffering from a terrible shape, I've been curling it or tying it up every day. Oh, and I picked up some vintage hot rollers at an estate sale and I love them.

Really, I just love vintage things. And looking vintage.

My exact train of thought leading up to this photo: "I need to put some shoes on to take the dog out to pee. Hmm, the shoe rack has some flats, some flip flops and some three-inch heels. Well, I'm wearing tights so the flip flops won't work. Heels it is." Why did I wear heels to take the dog out to pee? I'll never know. Why am I wearing patterned tights? Because I love them!

I got all dressed up for a date night, and then hubby started having heart symptoms and we got our food packed up and spent the next hour at the hospital. Absurdly, people stare at you when you go to the emergency room wearing red lipstick, a black dress and heels. Ugh...

And my other obsession of the moment! Fountain pens. I have a few, mostly at work. They write so nice and they're so pretty. Plus, it deters people from accidentally stealing my pen, because I'm the only person at the office with a fountain pen. Oh, and my pink fountain pen matches my nails.

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