Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Jack Keaton's

I was never one of those girls to order a salad and to tip-toe around a burger. I like real food. I love barbequed food. I love ribs, and pulled pork. I do enjoy my fancy shmancy quinoa and kale salads, but there will always be room in my heart for a slow-roasted half rack of baby back ribs. Always.

I discovered a restaraunt in Regina and I've been there twice now, but will definitely be going again. Jack Keatons BBQ & Grill didn't sound like the kind of place I could eat, but it is. Their BBQ sauce is gluten-free, and although they don't have any gluten-free bread, the only non-sandwich main I couldn't eat was meatloaf. The sides were a little more difficult, out of the eight or so normal options, I only had three GF options.

 The first time I went, I was starving, so I ordered the sampler plate, and I still took home some leftovers. 

The sampler plate comes with a brisket, a bowl of pulled pork, a half rack of ribs and two sides. The sides I picked were mashed potatoes (with no gravy) and cooked seasonal veggies, which were sweet potatoes, beets and carrots. I really enjoyed the veggies, and the colour was really nice. The mashed potatoes were smooth and delicious. And of course the meat was heart, saucy, tender and amazing. My favourite of the three was the ribs. The pulled pork was good, but would be better with a bun. The brisket was alright, but not my cup of tea. And of course ribs are always amazing. They were tender, slow-cooked perfection covered in a delicious, tangy BBQ sauce.

The second time I went, I was nowhere near as hungry, so I ordered a half rack of baby back ribs, which comes with two sides. This time, I went with coleslaw and mashed potatoes (still no gravy). The coleslaw was great, the potatoes were as good as the first time, and the ribs were still amazing.

So the food was great. Definitely husband-approved, and it looked pretty kid-friendly. The atmosphere was nice, with a homey feel. And the best part was the service. The first time I went, I was asking the waitress about gluten-free options, and she didn't seem sure, so the owner jumped in and answered all my questions. She was super helpful, very knowledgeable, and when I stumped her with a question, she went to the back and asked the cooks.

I would highly recommend this place, to any BBQ-lovers, any gluten-avoiders and any families! Seems like an all-around great restaurant.

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