Sunday, 10 May 2015

Celiac Disease Awareness Month - Think About It

Are there any things that you think about on a daily basis?

Well, sure. Lots of simple things like the weather, getting dressed, food, water, maybe coffee, or your job.

Any bigger things? Is there anything that you are guaranteed to think about at least once every single day, while people around you think of it very rarely if at all?

For me, it's Celiac Disease. The words "celiac", "gluten-free", "gluten", "contamination", and "wheat" all cross my mind at least once every single day. It's not something I can stop thinking about.

I have to think about it every time I buy groceries or decide which restaurant to go to. I have to think about it every time I'm invited to any social outing (let's face it - all social events interact with food). I have to think about it when I'm meal-planning, or checking out new recipes online.

I also think about it anytime that my stomach starts to hurt, or I get a headache. Even if I haven't been glutened, and it's nothing more than a headache, my mind instantly jumps to "what did you eat" whenever I start to feel sick.

There have been times that I liked to pretend I was normal, and not talk about it or do anything weird, but ultimately, I will never be normal.

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