Monday, 17 March 2014

A Day In The Life

I haven't really told you about my daily activities in months, mostly because my life got really boring, and my meals got really repetitive, but I had quite the exciting weekend, so I'll share!

Saturday - I worked at my retail job from 10am-6pm, selling lots of clothes and catching up with my coworkers, who I hardly see.

6pm - I left work and drove straight to Saskatoon. Ate "dinner" on the road. I had a pudding cup and a couple chocolate peanut butter cups.

8:30pm - Arrived in Saskatoon, and met up with my friends, who had just woken up from a nap, so they didn't mind that I got lost and didn't get there until 9.

9:15pm - DANCE. I haven't really told you, but I've gotten into ballroom dancing. One of my new friends is really into it, and she convinced me to go along to a couple of events. Now there is no convincing needed at all. I'm so in love with it. Especially West Coast Swing, which is a very fun, improv-ey style of ballroom. There was a West Coast Party in Saskatoon, so the girl who dragged me into dancing, her (slash my new) friend and I went to it.

Sunday, 1am - After the dance wrapped up, I was starving (from not really eating dinner) so a few of us went to Denny's. At that time of night, it's filled with a pretty drunk crowd, but we had fun anyways. One of the guys decided to start singing happy birthday to one of the other guys, and a bunch of drunk people joined in. Then we convinced the waitress to get the "birthday boy" a cupcake cup that he had been eyeing up since we walked in.

3am - Got back to my friend's place and crashed. I was so tired I could barely think straight. I'm not a late-night person anymore.

Sunday morning, 10:30am. Woke up. I wanted to sleep a lot later, but I drank a lot of water during the dance, so my bladder woke me up. Seriously, what is up with that? Can my body not understand that sleeping is more important to me than peeing? Ugh...

12pm - After I finished gushing about the dance with my friends, I finally headed out to meet Banana for brunch. I promised to spend the whole day Sunday with her. I haven't seen her much since she moved to Saskatoon.

1pm - Got to The Hollows, which is my all-time favourite Saskatoon restaurant. I get the same thing every time I go, but I always read over the menu and decide that Breakfast Poutine is the best possible option.

2:30ish - Banana and I drove down to the river, and took a very lovely, albeit windy and cold walk across a bridge that overlooked the half-frozen river. The view was lovely, as was the sunshine.

Squinting into the sun, sorry...
3:30ish - We went to the mall. I have been so deprived of big city shopping, but this was not the weekend... I tried on an adorable blouse covered in elephants, and picked up some much-desired Lush products, but mostly had a blast watching Banana shoe-shop.

5pm - We headed back to her house, and I got to veg for the first time all weekend. Not for very long, though, because we made a reservation for 6:30

6:30pm - Went to my all-time favourite Mexican restaurant, La Bamba. It's so hit or miss. We made a reservation, but the place was half-empty when we got there. Twenty minutes later, it was packed. I had an amazing enchilada and a non-alcoholic Sangria, which I would highly reccomend trying if you're there. All the flavour and deliciousness of sangria, without the effects... Banana had a margarita, and I was laughing at how the two drinks looked. Classic hot holiday drinks, right there.

8:30pm - after saying goodbye to Banana, I hit the highway to drive home. This time, I was prepared with a coffee. I really should realize this is a must for any driving alone. With someone else, I don't struggle to stay awake, but when you're alone staring at the same scene for two hours, your eyes start to get a little heavy.

11pm - finally got home and crashed. Long, exhausting, amazing weekend.

I can't wait for the next dance, or my next trip to Saskatoon (whichever comes first, although they'll probably coincide)!

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