Monday, 18 November 2013

Wok Box

I think it's about time I tell you about one of my all-time favourite restaurants. Well, I guess I have before, but I really only mentioned it, the first time I tried eating out and then again when I quickly stopped by for lunch.

I've eaten at Wok Box (the Regina South location) pretty much every time I'm in Regina. Actually, I can't think of a time I've been in town in the last nine months without eating there.

There is a little sign on the glass beside the till that shows wheat-free friendly, vegan friendly and vegetarian options, listing all the mains, sides and sauces you can eat in each group. I've ordered all of the mains (excluding the pho soup) from the gluten-free friendly section, and have not been disappointed. One of them is supposed to come with udon noodles, and I have to select rice noodles instead, but the others are regularly made with rice or rice noodles. There aren't a lot of options, with two noodle bowls, two rice bowls, one curry and one soup, but their attitude towards it makes it worth it.

Pad Thai
When I order, I always inform them that I have a gluten allergy. They prepare my food in a gluten-free wok, to cut down on contamination risk. I know it's not 100%, but after eating there several times, I haven't been sick enough not to go back.

There was one time that I was concerned, though. Halfway through my noodle box, I stirred and out popped an udon noodle. A little fat wheat noodle was just sitting in my bowl, staring at me. I freaked out, and ran up to the till. I showed the man my bowl and he became concerned. He told the cook to remake my food and he also refunded my money. He brought my food out to me and apologized, sincerely hoping I didn't get sick. I insisted it was fine, but I was impressed by his concern. You don't find that everywhere.

The man who helped me that day is almost always working when I go in, and I'm pretty sure he recognizes me. I always inform him I have a gluten allergy, and he usually nods or agrees as if he already knew. That's fine by me, I do not being a regular somewhere that is so helpful and awesome.

The food is good, although not necessarily authentic, it is fresh, hot and flavourful. The spicy dishes are very spicy, but they have plenty of non-spicy options. I'm told that the spring rolls are great, but not gluten-free. A lot of the options are very calorie-conscious. I really think they have something for everyone.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone, unless you hate all Asian food. Chances are that this place won't change your mind. I would also suggest you check it out if you have a dietary concern - they're really great about it.

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  1. Thank you Very Much for your Kind words about our restaurant. I am glad that you choose to eat with us. We have made significant improvements when gluten allergies are concerned and we love any and all feed back about it.