Friday, 8 November 2013

Jerry's Artisan Burgers & Gelato

I'm quick to say a place is my favourite, but this place is my favourite. First of all, gelato. I shouldn't have to say more, but this place is so amazing, I do.

I was pointed towards Jerry's the first time, because I expressed a need to have ice cream, and M's new flatmates said there was a gelato place not far from their house. They have two display cases filled with ice cream, gelato and sorbet, all made by them. I did have a hard time finding two gluten-free chocolate-free gelatos, for my friend (who has a chocolate allergy) and I, but that is a little bit specific, so I don't blame them.

On my second trip there, I noticed their billboard advertising a gluten-free friendly menu, and a sign saying breakfast was served until two pm. I'm a serious lover of breakfast at all times of the day.
So this most recent trip up there, I convinced M we should go there for lunch. He was skeptical, and seemed resistant, possibly because he was taking his gluten-free wife to a burger place.

Their style is a little bit different. You walk up to the counter, order from a large sign on the wall, and pay right away. So far, it feels like a fast food restaurant. They then give you a square plastic device with a number, and instruct you to put it on your table. When your food is ready, they use the device to find out where you are, and then bring your food to you. The drinks are non-stop, help yourself, and if you want anything else, you have to go back up to the counter. It's an unusual mix of friendly, helpful service, while also minimizing the amount of staff they need, which is cost-effective. I actually really like it. Everyone was approachable and polite, but no one was in our face while we were eating, asking if everything was okay.

So we walked in, and I stared down the menu board. There was a note at the top about their burger patties containing no gluten, but that was it. I really don't like ordering burgers without buns, so I stared down the breakfast side. I couldn't determine heads or tails on anything. When it was our turn, I just asked the girl at the counter what I could eat. Her answer? "Anything on the menu."

Seriously. I clarified, making sure she included burgers, and I would get a bun, and she was just nodding, and started laughing. She asked if that surprised me, and I'm pretty sure my look of wonder said it all. A burger joint, where I could order anything I wanted. Unreal.

Even just the freedom to order what struck my fancy, just like anyone else felt unreal. I mean, sure, this isn't the first time a restaurant has offered me that kind of freedom, but this is the first burger place. With one, itty bitty teeny tiny restriction. I couldn't have the fries. They were real potatoes, but the deep fryer was contaminated. A little bit sad, I'll admit, but I ordered a side salad with no regrets. It's better for me anyways.

I ordered a BBQ Jack Burger, which is listed on the menu as "Maple bacon, spiced jack cheese, sautéed onions and smoky bbq sauce". It was quite easily, the best burger I have had in the last year.

Gluten-free burger with a tossed salad and raspberry vinaigrette 

M felt much the same, discovering they only used real cheese, without the word 'processed' in sight. He got a bacon cheddar with fries, and didn't change a single thing about it.

I think that you should go here, and here is my list of reasons why:

  1. Fresh, real ingredients.
  2. As much as possible is locally sourced and locally made.
  3. They are very aware of gluten allergies, and have plenty to offer for any stage of non-gluten-eaters.
  4. Gelato.
Their prices are not fast-food-cheap, but for the amount of food you get, they are very fair.

The only demographic that I would not suggest to go here would be large groups of 8+ people. They have cozy tables for two with comfy-looking arm chairs, as well as tables and booths for four, six or eight people. The dining room is split into four sections, with walls between each, and each area has a different feel. One is large and surf boards dangle from the ceiling, one has four large screen TV's playing whatever sports game, and one felt quiet and comfortable. The other one, I completely avoided because there were several families with small children.

I would recommend this to pretty much everyone, and I get the feeling they designed it that way.

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