Friday, 1 November 2013

Antonella's Cheddar Pasta Sauce

I recently stumbled across a new brand at Safeway. New to me, not to the market. They are a Canadian brand, but all of their sauces are gluten-free. Meet Antonella's! They have four different flavours of pasta sauce, but I only bought two to start off with. I will, however, definitely be picking up the other two.

The two I bought

On days that I work at both jobs, I have two meals that must be completed in under an hour. That means getting home, sometimes changing, taking care of my dog, making food, eating food, and getting back to work, less than an hour later. It's a little rushed, and I don't always eat the most normal things. I need something on hand, something quick, and something that will fill me up. Today, the things on hand were Catelli spaghetti (still loving it), Country Naturals Jumbo Weiners and this little box of Antonella's cheddar pasta sauce.

I can't decide if I'm a broke college kid, or reverting to my childhood. My father made macaroni and cheese with hot dogs every time my mom couldn't make dinner. I decided to mix it up, with spaghetti, cheese sauce, and "jumbo weiners." Yep, I'm reverting. I just giggled at that.

I quite often cook up pasta on these short breaks, and eat it with a dash of butter, or with some tomato sauce. Antonella's helped me mix that up, without taking any extra time.

I cooked up the spaghetti, drained it, and threw it in a bowl. I literally just squeezed cheese sauce all over it, and then sliced a hot dog on top of that.

It took hardly any time at all, and is a delicious meal with plenty of nutrition. Let's pretend I ate it with some fresh veggies.

So... What do I think of Antonella's cheese sauce?

It is super easy to get into. No jar-twisting, no can opener. You just twist the little red cap, and as you twist it, it cuts open the foil seal underneath. That foil piece is designed to stay in the container, with no risk of falling into your food.

You then pour from that opening. It comes out easily. It's a thick sauce, not all thin and runny, but it stills pours easily enough. You don't need to do anything to it at this point, except heat it up. It doesn't need milk or water or anything added.

I feel good about putting this in my body. The ingredients are cheddar cheese, fresh cream, and unsalted butter. No preservatives, no gluten, no MSG.

Because they have no preservatives, their website states that you can keep an opened packages in the fridge for three to five days, and in the freezer for up to a month.

So it is quick, easy, delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free! Could I ask for anything more? Well... I could ask that it was dairy-free. Really guys, I'm not good at avoiding milk and cheese. Sorry!

I can see myself pouring this over some steamed broccoli, or on a baked potato. It's tasty, and very cheesey. I will be using it, and it's alfredo counterpart, again and again, I promise. I would recommend this to anyone who likes cheese sauce on anything at all! Amazing.


  1. those sauces are absolutly tasteless( i tried the Alfredo and chedar). they are not cheesy like u said but terribly bland. go get a flavour pallet , lady. and for the rest of you, stay away from those tasteless sauces

    1. Perhaps your flavour pallet is a little different than mine, but it's always nice to hear a second opinion.

      Have you found a tastier gluten-free alfredo / cheddar sauce? I'm still on the hunt for a dairy-free, gluten-free alfredo.