Friday, 28 February 2014

Taco Pork Tenderloins

Something I've been trying to do lately is make a little extra for dinner and plan for leftovers. Often our leftovers just sit in our fridge until we give up and throw them out.

One of the best ways to do that is to make two meals at the same time. I saw a recipe in a magazine for pork tenderloins, and underneath it had a couple of ideas of what to do with the leftovers. One of those ideas was to shred the pork and put it on a sandwich, another was to put it in a taco. That one sounded brilliant.

So I put bought two pork tenderloins and put them both in the slow cooker for a day. We ate one for dinner that night and it was delicious, and the other went in the fridge. The next day, I shredded it, added taco spice, warmed it back up and we had tacos. It was also delicious.  I'm going to have to do more meals like this.

Sadly, I only took one photo during the whole entire process, but that is the tenderloins just before eating the first one.

Even though I didn't use a recipe, here is the one I made up as I went:

Sprinkle of parsley
Sprinkle of basil
Sprinkle of rosemary
Sprinkle of thyme
Sprinkle of pepper
Tablespoon honey
1 cup water
Two pork tenderloins
Halved baby potatoes

I covered the bottom of the slow cooker with the potatoes, placed the tenderloins on top, added the water and honey, and then sprinkled all the spices on the pork. I left them on low for about eight hours.

The next day, I shredded one tenderloin, and added a packet of Old El Paso taco spice. I followed those directions, adding one cup of water and simmering for about eight minutes. Then we made our tacos with the pork, cheese (dairy-free for me!), salsa, tomatoes, and sour cream

Two great meals with minimal effort, it's a definite win in my books.

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