Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year.

I guess the arbitrary calendar this culture adheres to has flipped a page and we must celebrate.

Numbers only have as much meaning as we assign to them, and New Year's is all about numbers. I honestly find it all really arbitrary and meaningless. I'm not one to make a whole list of resolutions and feel all heartbroken when they only last for two weeks. I don't really think that the calendar turning one page will help me become a better person.

However, in the same way that I celebrate Valentine's day and mother's day, I will celebrate New Year's. I appreciate holidays like this, because although we should honour our mothers every day, and remember to love our SO's all the time, it helps to have one day a year where the world reminds us to. So in the spirit of remembering what we should always be doing, I'll take the time to look back and look forward.

I don't need to rehash 2013 for you, you've been here for most of it. One year ago today, my husband was starting his very first day of school in another city. I was looking at the first of several bouts of lonliness and long-distance marriage, and I was not very happy about it. The first two months were consumed with just that; my husband was gone, I was alone. I was very sick, but didn't really realize just how sick I was. Nearly two months into the year, I received the diagnosis that changed my life, as you know.

In May, I left my one year temp job, and have since then started two all-new jobs, both of which I still work at and love. I spent six weeks in the summer working with kids, which I also loved.

I also went on a roadtrip to Edmonton, I saw a Taylor Swift concert, I got two tattoos, and I started a blog.

Google created a lovely video for me, based on photos from my phone. It's a very odd, eclectic snapshot of my year, but I think it's pretty accurate. It heavily features friends, family and food. It's also got a picture of my three little fur-babies, a picture of when I chopped all my hair off, a picture I made for my future sister-in-law of bridesmaid dress ideas, and a picture from my wedding (which was in 2011, but I saved it on my phone this year).

So that was my 2013. What about my 2014?

I can't really tell you what's in store for the next twelve months, in fact I don't really have anything planned at all. I am looking forward to blogging, baking, cooking, and having awesome adventures with the love of my life. I hope the next year is filled with blessings, happiness, fun and good friends for all of us.

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