Sunday, 24 February 2013

Day Two: A Feast

So... Here's the thing about my diagnosis yesterday. Today, I had a really big event to go to. I don't know if you've ever heard of the SCA, but it doesn't matter. I sometimes go to events, and they vary in what happens there. The one today, that I've been looking forward to for some time is a feast. There'll be stuff going on all day, a free-for-all lunch, and then a four-course feast for dinner.

And that, means a lot of gluten I'm not supposed to eat.

If I had been gluten-free for some time, I would have brought my own replacements for bread and crackers, or talked to the cooks and asked for something set aside. But I found out yesterday. I did ask the cooks what all was safe, but that didn't matter much when the lunch was meat, cheese and buns. I'm sorry, but chunks of roast beef with some cheddar is just plain sad. After nibbling on what I could, I got frustrated and asked my husband to take me somewhere.

However, I dressed up for the event today. Nothing weird, just a medieval-style dress, but enough that I didn't want to go to a grocery store in it, or even really leave the car. So we hit up a drive-through. Bad idea, I know. In some time, I'll get used to the fact that I really can't eat anything at any fast food restaurant ever.

I had a salad and a wrap, and just ate as little of the tortilla as possible. I know it's still bad, and I'll pay for it later, but this is day two! I haven't even gone grocery shopping yet.

I made it through the afternoon to dinner time, but by the time the feast began, I was starving.

Course number one was bread, cheese and flavoured butters. I can't just eat cream cheese and butter!!!! That's so dumb. So I had some bread. Bad Robynne. But it was soo good!

Course number two was meatballs, coleslaw, pasta and a sauce. Since I was served all of it, I did eat a little pasta, but after a few bites, I determined it wasn't worth it. Good Robynne.

Number three was roast beast stuffed with rice and a cooked root vegetables. Oh my gosh! I just shoved my face full here. Those root vegetables were so goshdarn good, and the meat and the rice! Wow. I was so happy. The cooks had already told me the meat and veggies were totally gluten-free, so there was no guilt attached. This was the best I felt all day long. Mmmmm... Mental note, remember root vegetables! Very filling, no gluten, and so good!

And then last, was dessert, which was a cottage cheese pie. I know it sounds weird, but it tasted like tapioca pudding in pie shell. So maybe I shouldn't have had any, but I maybe had a few pieces.. And maybe a few more than that. Bad Robynne.... But it was good.

By this point, I am pretty wiped. I'm still feeling rather unwell, having had gluten yesterday and a few times today. I felt better today than I have most of the last three months, but I'm still not up to par.

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