Sunday, 24 February 2013

Day Three: Groceries!

I woke up today pretty sick. I am paying for that bread last night. I also woke up pretty hungry, and ate more applesauce. Seriously need groceries.

After my husband was awake and dressed enough, we went grocery shopping.

Let me just say, it was painful. I know it's going to get easier, but today was hard.

In some time I'll know the list of cereals I can't eat, or at least the ones I can, and I'll know the other things to avoid, and where to look, but right now I don't. We just looked for things we want, and then read the ingredients. Did you know both Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes have gluten in them? Like what is that? I bought off-brand gluten-free versions of each, but come on guys.

I discovered our taco kits are gluten-free, which was exciting, but only the hard shell ones, and I prefer the soft tacos. But hey, it's only one more sacrifice.

My grocery store moved the gluten-free aisle since I've been there last, which I might not have noticed, had I not needed to buy almost everything there.

I actually think this whole gluten-free thing will make both my husband and I eat a lot healthier. We bought a lot more fruit and vegetables than we usually do, and I just looked sadly at the entire aisle of cookies. (However, I found some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and bought those... I'm still getting used to the texture thing, though.)

We're having a taco kit for dinner tonight, mostly because it's something familiar. There are going to be a lot of unfamiliar experiment meals in our future, so we're starting off with tacos.

And then later tonight, we're double dating at the bar to shoot some pool. That's something I'm not up on yet. I know certain alcohols have gluten, and I have to be really careful about drinking. I've never been much for drinking before, so I've decided that until I get most of this under control, I'm not drinking. It'll just be easier to not worry about one thing while I worry about everything else.

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