Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Brother's Wedding

My older brother and my older sister are twins. They spent most of their life sharing things. They haven't shared clothes much, but they shared photos, attention, friends, and every single birthday. They also decided they would share the summer they both got married! My brother was married six weeks ago, and my sister was married just this past Saturday. I've been meaning to share photos from my brother's wedding, but I've been putting it off. Before I have photos of my sister's wedding, I guess I'll show you photos of my brother's.

The groom and his men: My husband, his friend,
my younger brother, my sister's fiance-at-the-time
The bride's sister
My sister
The bride's friend
The bride's friend
The bride and her father
Bride & Groom
The men, including the ring bearer
The girls, including the flower girls and two younger ring bearers

First kiss!

My sister and I with our men
The whole wedding party

My family
The oldest three of my parents kids, with their SO's
My parent's children (AKA, my siblings and I)

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